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Education Program

The educational program includes online courses and a summer undergraduate scholar program. Primary and secondary educators and students are engaged through training sessions and learning toolkits to promote the sciences related to sustainable bioproducts systems.

The Team: Dan Ciolkosz (Lead), Scott Barett, Shawn Grushecky, Amir Hass, Hannah Payne, Jamie Schuler, Tim Volk,and Jingxin Wang.

2024 MASBio Summer Scholars Program - Undergraduate Research Internship

We are accepting applications for five MASBio Undergrad Research Internships for our 2024 Summer Scholars program at Virginia Tech University. The application deadline is December 8th, 2023.

2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Internship at U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho National Laboratory is seeking a university student who at minimum is entering their junior or senior year of undergraduate coursework (completed 60-90 credits) in chemistry, biology, or a related field to conduct chemical characterization of bioenergy crops as part of the MASBio project. Student must have knowledge of the MASBio project. The student will use bench scale wet chemistry analytical techniques, spectroscopic analysis instrumentation, and elemental analysis instrumentation. Student will be able to articulate and apply chemistry principles learned in the classroom to bioenergy research and develop work competencies in the fields of bioenergy, chemistry, and biology. Student will be able to develop practical skills in a real-world context and gain self-understanding, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills while working with a team of interdisciplinary researchers. Student will be mentored in a team environment and have the opportunity to discuss education and career options as well as develop professional relationships with a team of interdisciplinary researchers.

This internship would be for a 10-16 week duration with a flexible start date depending on the student’s term schedule. The intern for this position will apply through our internship program This page also gives some basic information on compensation, housing, etc. Based on this position description our intern specialists will compile a list of candidates that meet the requirements listed.

Interested students may contact Rachel Emerson, Research Scientist at Bioenergy Feedstock Technologies, INL:

2022 MASBio Seminar Series

Recordings of the presentations are available on our MASBio Youtube Channel and the MASBio website's Resources/Videos page.