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Outreach Program

Our outreach activities engage and educates farmers, landowners, stakeholders, policy makers, and other professionals. Entrepreneurial and bio-business development opportunities are supported through demonstrations of the engineering processes and commercial applications. Through learning sessions and workshops we engage a diverse set of stakeholders to encourage workforce development, entrepreneurship, identify barriers and address critical needs of building biomass production capacity. 

The MASBio Outreach team developed an interactive mapping application that highlights biomass planting locations, biochar producers, biomass generation facilities, and abandoned mineland revitalization  projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Biomass planting locations also include yield information and links to the original research projects. The picture below highlights the Gibboney site from the mapping application, and if you want to explore more about other biomass planting sites, facilities, and their locations, then click here to get the link.

Gibboney site details shown in the map